Hello to all our supporters. We, Asylum Rights Evolution, want to say thank you for all your support during the difficult moments in the different actions of our struggle for our rights (hunger strike, occupation of the church). After our different actions the authorities tried to put pressure on the people who had left our group by rejecting their asylum applications and by trying to deport others, but our struggle continues.

They can create racist laws against us
But they can’t ban us from demanding our freedom

They can deport us
But they can’t keep our freedom from us

They can call us illegal
But they can’t keep us from being free

They can kill the revolutionary
But not the revolution

They can counter our actions
But not our intentions

They can gag our mouths
But never our ideas

They can censor our speech
But not freedom

They can counter our words
But not our stories

They can hang the poet
But not poetry

They can kill the resistance fighter
But not resistance

They can tie our hands
But never our conscience

They can empty our pockets
But never our brains

They can subjugate loved ones
But not our ideals

They can erase our memories
But never our history

They can take away our victory
But never our hope

They can shave his mane
But they won’t take the lion’s royalty

They can assassinate the rebel
But not the rebellion.

Asylum Rights Evolution

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