Call for demonstration!

On the 3.5. at 14 pm we will collectively leave Hermannplatz, Berlin to demonstrate our unity against their form of politics.

We demand the evolution of the right to asylum!

For more than two years there has been a new wave of self-organised struggles of asylum-seekers all over Europe.

Today we asylum-seekers from the different ‘Lagers’ in Germany join the ‘battle structures’ in Hamburg, Berlin and several cities in Bavaria.

We have decided to take our fate in our own hands!

We have organised ourselves, have left our ‘Lagers’ and transgressed the residential law that exists in no European country except for Germany. It is impossible for us to live in Europe with dignity. The current asylum-policies prevent us from renting flats or working to support our livelihoods. We live in constant fear of being deported. What kind of life is it when one is in danger of being taken by the police at any time?

Our demands are the following:

  • Halt all deportations
  • Permanent recognition of our right to stay
  • Abolition of the Dublin-convention

The wars for resources that are conducted by Europeans, as well as economic exploitation and political persecution in our different countries force us to leave our families and to flee to Europe.

The Western governments support dictators by delivering weapons and by devastating our cities through their military interventions, for example in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Central Africa or in Mali – the aim of these Western governments is not to protect the population but to gain access to resources.

This form of politics points to a colonial relation whose victims we are, but there is no one who tells our story. We are fed up of being pawns of foreign and asylum policies.

We are not responsible for these wars and we do not want to bear their consequences any longer. We are not the sources of the problems.

This is why we call for a demonstration on the streets of Berlin by all asylum-seekers and all people in solidarity with us to collectively demand the unconditional right to stay of all people!

We demand to be respected as human beings! 

We want our human rights to be observed!

We demand the evolution of the right to asylum!


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